LUMINA ENSEMBLE presents the saxophone as a medium for avant-garde art, thus causing the interest of different creative agents, producers of stimulating shows for the public. The classical vision of the saxophone quartet is crossed, creating collaborations between different avant-garde scenic, sonics and graphic disciplines. In this way, the public will be placed in a different acoustic-scenic space, which will allow the sensitive experimentation of contemporary art.


LUMINA is the project of four saxophonists who are passionate about their instrument and contemporary music. Its members belong to two generations who join forces to achieve respectful and committed interpretations that respond to their compositional ideal. This difference in age causes the understanding of the musical and artistic fact to appear in a different way, which favours an approach to the repertoire used, full of the energy of those who discover in each note an infinite universe of sound.


LUMINA’s repertoire belongs to the second half of the 20th and 21st centuries, and it is also committing itself to working together with current composers, and to the premiere of works written for the ensemble.



Palau de les Arts (Valéncia). Aula Magistral. Contemporary Music Festival ENSEMS.

Escala de Blaus: Works by Àngela Gómez, Iluminada Pérez, David Leal, José del Valle and Ximo Cano.

Pablo de la Fuente, Javier Carrillos, Isaac Verdú, José A. Suay (saxophones); Beatriz Serrano (cello); Óscar Martí (percussion). Alejandro Gómez Peregrina (lights and sound)

Monographic concert Sonia Megías & Lumina Ensemble. January 29th. MACA. Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante. 18:00 h

Concert in the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana of Benidorm. Enrico Tricarico, Mercedes Lozano  & Lumina Ensemble. 20:00h.

Monographic concert Voro García & Lumina Ensemble. January 29th. MACA. Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante.18:00 h

Monographic concert Olivia Carrión & Lumina Ensemble. MACA. Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante.


Monographic concert Eneko Vadillo & Lumina Ensemble. January 29th. MACA. 18:00 h

Monographic concert Samuel Cedillo (Mexico) & Lumina Ensemble. December 18th. MACA. 18:00 h

Monographic concert Zulema de la Cruz & Lumina Ensemble. November 20th. MACA. 18:00 h

Monographic concert Jesús Torres & Lumina Ensemble. October 16th. MACA. 18:00h