His passion for new artistic currents and alternative cultural movements has led him to get involved in different projects to show society the artistic reality of the moment.


He studied at the Conservatorio Superior de Música «Óscar Esplà» in Alicante with Israel Mira, finishing this stage with the 1st Prize at the end of the Higher Grade.


After he went to the Conservatoire «Jacques Thibaud» in Bordeaux (France), participating in the saxophone and contemporary chamber music classes, both directed by Marie-Bernadette Charrier. After two intense years of work, he finished his studies with the Medal of Honour of the Village of Bordeaux for the Unanimity of the Jury.


Bordeaux was a time when he discovered direct collaboration with composers and «laboratory» work for the preparation of new repertoires, enabling him to share experiences with Jesús Torres, José Manuel López-López, Christophe Havel, Alberto Posadas, Héctor Parra, etc. This activity roused him the need for contemporary creation, which has led him to perform several premieres -both absolute and national- of works by Jordán, Far, Parra, Stockhausen, Blardony, Havel or Ibarrondo.


Founder of groups such as Utopía Ensemble, Grup Instrumental d’Alacant, Ars-On, Ensemble Sons XXI and the Ensemble de Saxofones de Alicante – ENSA, with which he carries out an intense work of dissemination and expansion of the repertoire for saxophone ensemble, currently preparing his first recording.


He holds a Master’s degree in Musical Research from the University of Murcia, which he completed through research into the figure of the Alicante artist Eusebio Sempere. As a result of these studies, he has published several works on the saxophone and contemporary music.


At present, he combines his artistic work with teaching at the Conservatory «Guitarrista José Tomás» in Alicante and is working on his PhD at the Alicante University.