The search for an identity as a musician made him turn to his studies as a him to devote himself to his studies as a saxophonist. Defender of the new creation for the development of the repertoire of his instrument, he has worked with several international composers and international specialists.


He began his professional studies at the Conservatory «Guitarrista José Tomás» in Alicante where in 2013 he obtained the Extraordinary Prize in the specialty of Saxophone. A period in which he obtains several prizes in chamber music competitions. With Scaglia Cuartel» he obtained the 3rd prize in the «Higini Anglés” Chamber Music Competition, in Reus (Tarragona).


In turn, collaborates as an active member of the Youth Orchestra of the Province of Alicante(OJPA).


He studied at the Conservatory of the Balearic Islands with professor Rodrigo Vila and David Brutti. Founder of the saxophone quartet «Qizmis Quartet» with which he obtained in 2016 Honorable Mention in the «VII Chamber Music Competition Vila de Burriana» and with which he performs concerts in several halls of the island of Mallorca.


In 2016 he was awarded the 2nd prize in the Competition «Intercentros Melómano», the prize as Best Woodwind Performer and the special prize as Best Performer of Contemporary Music Performer.


His interest in contemporary music made him travel to Bordeaux, where he did his postgraduate studies with Marie-Bernardette Charrier at the CRR «Jaqcues Thibaud». He collaborates and performs premieres of works by composers such as Etienne Rolin or Jean-Patrick Besingrad.


In 2018, he became a member of the Ensemble du Bout du Monde with which he performs several concerts in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Austria and France. In 2019, they won the 3rd prize and the «Espace 110» chamber music competition «21émes Europeénes de Musique de Chambre» in Illzach (France).


He recently finished studies in musical research at the International University of Valencia.


Currently he combines his pedagogical work in different courses and musical centers with his artistic vocation.